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The Concept

The Greek Luxury Concept, By Mykonos Palace Hotel

The History & Mythology

The "Greek Luxury Concept" of Mykonos Palace is generated based on a concept that links the history of the island and the sacred island of Delos with modernity and modern Hellenism. The hotel complex consists of three building blocks. They have been named after the 3 daughters of the Ancient Mythical King of the Sacred Island of Delos, called "Anias". Anias’s mother (Rhoeo) was the granddaughter of Dionysus God and his father was God Apollo. Their daughters’names were "Spermo, Oino and Elais", which corresponded to basic food items, wheat for Spermo, wine for Oino and olive oil for Elais, who were so-called "Oinotropoi". Their great grandfather, God Dionysus, provided them a priceless gift, the ability to make the soil fructify. Wherever they passed from, "Oino" grew vines, "Elais" grew olives and "Spermo" grew wheat. Furthermore, King "Anias" acquired three sons, Mykonos, Andros and the Thassos, who founded the respective Greek islands.

The Concept & Layout

The renovated luxurious hotel Mykonos Palace in Greece is consisted of 3 building blocks.

Building A (called Spermo) hosts the lobby area, with the reception, the concierge desk and the sitting area, as well as the brand new hotel’s restaurant offering Modernized Greek Recipes, by a well-qualified Chef with long experience in the Greek culinary art, offering unique gastronomy proposals to the hotel’s guests. Building A will also host a fully equipped spa area in 2017.

Building B (called Oino) will be finalized in 2017 and will offer luxurious accommodation in Mykonos, with 10 Suites on the ground and top floor, that will offer a private swimming pool and a partial sea view as well.

Building C (called Elais), has been fully completed, offering 14 rooms and suites on the ground and top floor, that offer a private swimming pool or Jacuzzi, with a distinctive Greek Luxury design and amenities.

The design of the new hotel is governed by the following design & architectural principles:
1. Transparency
2. Hover
3. Kinesis
4. Art
5. Fundamental interaction with the aquatic element
6. Conciliation between the new and the old, through the nowadays cutting edge technology and the past days historical architectural & traditional design elements .
7. Integration of the building to the structured and unstructured design environment of Mykonos Island and Ancient Greece.

Mykonos Palace, luxury hotel in Mykonos introduces a new design concept and travel experience, called the "Greek Luxury Concept". The Greek Luxury Concept connects the old with the past, creating a joyful journey for the guest, from the Ancient Greece, Ancient Island of Delos & Mykonos, up to the folklore and Modern days of the Island of Mykonos. Inspired and designed, according to the fundamental Greek Elements for nature, wisdom, tradition and art, the exterior/interior design and the facilities of Mykonos Palace –Greek Luxury Suites- in Mykonos, symbolize the core roots of the Hellenic Civilization for: health, prosperity, life, youth and the power of nature.

The Rooms
The Suites
Dining & Lobby
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