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The Concept

Our Roots
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Inspired by the Ancient Greek Elements of the Olive, Water, Art and the Mykonian Folklore, the new concept of Mykonos Palace –Greek Luxury Suites- embodies the roots of Ancient Greece and the Islands of Mykonos & Delos, to the nowadays needs and comfort of a traveller, connecting the Ancient Greek Heritage, with the luxurious services and contemporary facilities, of the modern era, creating and presenting a new travelling experience, the "Greek Luxury"!
Exclusively situated on Platis Gialos Beach, which is considered among best beaches of Mykonos Island, the brand new hotel section of Mykonos Palace, reveals a new travel concept experience, called the "Greek Luxury". The Greek Luxury Concept contributes additionally to a luxurious accommodation in Mykonos, by offering a unique travelling experience, the journey among Ancient Greece, Folklore Mykonos and Modern Greece. Inspired, by the fundamental Hellenic Elements of nature, art and knowledge, the exterior/interior design and the facilities of Mykonos Palace –Greek Luxury Suites- in Mykonos, symbolize through certain Greek sources and figures, the core roots of the Greek Civilization for: life, health, youth, prosperity, wisdom, art, nature and tradition. Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel & Luxury Suites, offer much more than distinctive accommodation and services, which is an Authentic Greek Luxury Travel Experience, between the Ancient and Modern Greece and Mykonos.
Olive Tree, Symbol of Wisdom, Prosperity
& Glory
Ancient Greek Symbols of Light & Sky blend in the Mykonian Folk Art
Mosaic Art, the Epitome of Ancient Greek Art
Water, Element of Life
& Symbol of Eternal
Youth & Health
Design inspiration by the Mykonian Folklore Art
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The Collection
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